How I Make My Daily Commute More Productive

As a typical New Yorker, I spend a lot of my time on the subway. And like a not so typical New Yorker, I do a reverse commute to New Jersey everyday for work. Basically, I spend a lot of my time commuting. It used to be absolutely draining trying to get from point A to point B, but recently I made a commitment to turn my commute around. I set a goal to be more productive during my commute.

When I do the math, I spend about an hour and a half round trip commuting during the work week. That’s nearly 7.5 hours a week, not including the weekends. That’s a lot of time. So I chose not to waste that precious time. The way I see it, if time equals money, than your commute can be a great opportunity to invest in yourself.


Here are 5 ways I make my daily commute more productive:

  1. I read (or listen to) books. I use my kindle app on my phone all the time to lose myself in a good story. Sometimes, I even use audible to listen to audiobooks because who doesn’t love having a story read to them.
  2. I listen to podcasts. There is so much great, free content out there that can significantly aid in personal development, learning new skills, and broadening your horizon.
  3. I catch up on the news. I will check out my various news apps and visit my go-to sites to see what the latest is.
  4. I take the time to check my finances. This is a great opportunity to devote time to simply checking in on my budget or seeing how my investment accounts are doing.
  5. I clean up my inbox. If you’re like me, you have several hundreds of unread emails. Rather than let that list grow any more, I go through and delete a bunch. I occasionally use to clear my inbox of any unnecessary subscriptions, as well.

Even doing just one of these things a day can make my time feel well spent. Plus, I find that my commute goes by a lot quicker and I can get where I want to go without wasting any time.



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