I’m Diana, a budget-savvy Millennial living in one of the world’s greatest, but most expensive cities (hey, New York!). Living here has taught me to be smarter about my spending, and more importantly, my saving. I used to think that I would never be able to reach my goals while living in such a high cost of living area, but now I’ve learned it’s all in the mindset. If you want it, and plan for it, you can achieve it. 

I read personal finance blogs everyday by bloggers who have already achieved financial independence. This is a long-term goal of mine, but I have plenty of short-term goals to reach first and I know there are many others out there who do, too. I’m no financial expert by any means, but after developing a passion for personal finance, I started this blog to hold myself accountable and inspire others just starting out. 


My current 9 to 5 is working at a leading Fortune 500 Financial Institution where I spend my whole day marketing money. But after hours, I’m simultaneously studying for my M.B.A., learning everything I can on personal finance, and devoting the rest of my time to this blog.

The Name

Let’s just say I had the idea for this blog long before the name. Coming up with a name proved to be harder than I expected. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, it came to me and clicked so hard. 

I wouldn’t have gotten this far without budgeting, so “mind my budget” is like a personal mantra for me. Because I learned really fast that a budget is absolutely useless unless you actually take care of it. Since then, I have been mindfully budgeting and watching my savings grow. 

Current Goals

Since I believe in the importance of setting goals, here are mine for the world to see. I strongly believe all of these are 100% achievable and will help put me on track toward financial independence.

  • Max out my 401k and Roth IRA
  • Grow a 3 Fund Portfolio
  • Create passive income streams
  • Take this blog to the next level
  • Save up for a down-payment and buy a house