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My Gym Keeps Me From Spending Money

This is kind of weird to talk about, but one of my best budgeting methods is simply going to the gym. I pay monthly for a membership and it keeps me busy 3-5 days a week. That’s 3-5 days where I’m not out spending money on other things. Full disclosure, I pay $65 per month

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The Stigma Around Splitting the Bill

If you have a friend group like mine, you’re all too familiar with the “family dinner” nights. You know, the nights you and your eight closest friends decide to go try out the newest restaurant down the block and just catch up, laugh, and order an extra round of drinks until it’s far later than you think. But

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The Art of Budgeting Your Time

Through my life, I’ve learned that time is a valuable thing. There never seems to be enough of it, and yet, it always seems to be fleeting. Sometimes we wish it away too quickly, and other times we try to savor every second. But all in all, we spend our whole lives trying to understand it.

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